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Micronor is the leading source for dynamic fiber optic and electromechanical sensors and controls. FO sensors provide immunity to EMI/RFI interference, lightning, high voltage, rf, microwave, and magnetic fields. The need to provide precise monitoring and control in these extreme environments dictate the need for fiber optic sensor solutions. We offer fiber optic sensors for measuring position, speed, vibration, temperature, and strain. FO sensor products include rotary/linear encoders, precision GaAs temperature sensors, multipoint FBG sensors for temperature and strain applications, multi-axis acceleration sensors, emergency stop, and microswitch. Sensors are based on glass as well as polymer (POF) optical fiber technology. Where electromechanical sensors and controls are required, Micronor Sensors offers rotary limit switches, encoders, resolvers, cam timers, motorized potentiometers, manual pulse generators, and handheld pendants. No other company offers this depth of sensor and application knowledge!

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Acceleration, Actuators, Automation, Automation Equipment, Biotech, Calibration Products, Controls, Converters, Data Acquisition, Equipment, Fiber Optics, Functional Safety, HID (Human Interface Devices), Instruments, Load Cells, Motion Control, Opto Electronics, Ovens, Position Sensors, Robotics, Sensors, Switches, Test & Measurement, Test Equipment, Thermal, Timers, Transducers, Vacuum & Pressure, 

Lines Represented
Single and Multipoint Fiber Bragg Grating (FBGs) sensors for temperature, strain and force measurements. The FiSpec interrogators offer an innovative compact and disruptive low cost solution that now enables embedding FBG technology in advanced processing monitoring and instrument designs, both medical and industrial.
Lilikoi is commercializing miniature force and strain sensors for both mission-critical consumer, medical and industrial robotic applications. We offer both noise-resistant electronic-based as well as EMI-immune optical sensors - including grasper jaw, grasper finger, smart bracket, inline and force sensors.
Fiber Optic and Electromechanical Sensors, including encoders, resolvers, position sensors, limit switches, e-stop, and multi-axis accelerometers. Specializing also in ruggedized electromechanical rotary limit switches, draw wire linear limit switches, position transducers, cam timers, motorized potentiometers and handheld pendants.
Weidmann Technologies Deutschland GmbH
Precision GaAs-based fiber optic temperature probes for high resolution and high accuracy for medical, industrial, and research applications. Temperature measuring range -200C to +300C.

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