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Ito America Corp. is a sales, service, and engineering company specializing in high-density electronics assembly. We work with everyone from small venture start-ups to the very largest companies in the world. Ito offers a wide variety of manufacturing equipment (Laser Wire Processing, Micro-joining, Welding, Dispensing) and materials, and its experienced teams currently support multiple manufacturing sites around the world doing complex electronic assembly.

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Adhesives, Brazing, Cameras, Coatings, Dispensing, Plasma Surface Treatment, Soldering Materials, Surface Mount, Systems, Ultrasonic Welding, Welding, Wire & Cable, 

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Extensively used for assembly of electronic components in the Medical, Automotive, Industrial, and Commercial industries, Nippon Avionics (Avio) offers several unique micro joining technologies: - Resistance welding technology for joining metal to metal. - Pulse heating (hot bar bonding) technology for soldering electronic components. - Seam sealing technology for welding a lid onto a case containing electronic components. - Ultrasonic equipment for resin welding, resin melt cutting, resin cutting, metal joining and food cutting High-frequency induction heater unit for non-contact heating of metal using electromagnetic induction These are extensively used for electronic assembly in the Medical, Automotive, Industrial, and Commercial industries.
Furukawa Bussan specializes in the sale of electric wire manufacturing machines and materials. The latest Harness Processing Machines include Laser Jacket (JC Series) and Shield (SC Series) cutting / stripping systems. Video:
Musashi Engineering is considered a leader in the precision fluid dispensing industry. They provide a wide range of dispensing equipment from pneumatic dispense controllers to very specialized high precision non-contact jet dispensing systems.

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