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Luscombe Engineering is your strategic partner, able to provide key engineering expertise to achieve your design goals. We are a professional sales organization providing engineering and design support to thousands of customers in our markets on behalf of the world-class manufacturers we represent. Our suppliers benefit from our close personal relationships with customers from design to purchasing and supply chain, while customers benefit from access to future technologies from industry-leading manufacturers. Millions of electronic components are sold to our customers annually, either directly from the factory or through our authorized distribution channel, utilizing strategic stocking centers or logistic expertise, making their inventory readily available for immediate shipment. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, state-of-the-art products, using the talents of our Field Sales Engineers to assist our customers in designing revolutionary products for all industries.

Product and Services Categories
Adhesives, Air, Alarms, Antennas, Arrays, Assemblies, Audio Components, Backplanes, Batteries, Bluetooth, Cable, Cable Assemblies, Capacitors, Circuit Protection, Coils, Computers, Connectors, Controls, Converters, Crystals, Diodes, Displays, Drives, Embedded, EMC, ESD, Extrusions, Fans And Blowers, Fiber Optics, Filters, Flex Circuits, Flow Measurements, Foam, Fuses, Gaskets, GPS, Heat sinks, Heaters, Inductors, Internet of Things (IoT), Keyboards/ Keypads, Laminate, Lamps, LED's, Load Cells, Magnetics, Memory, Molded Parts, Opto Electronics, Oscillators, Panels, PC Boards, Plastic Injection Molding, Plastic Machining and Fab, Plastic Molded Products, Plastics, Potentiometers, Power Distribution, Power Supplies, Printed Electronics, Prototyping, Relays, Resistors, Resonators, Rigid - Flex, Rubber Products, Seals, Semiconductor Devices, Sensors, Shielding, Silicon Products, Solar Panels, Stamping, Surface Mount, Switches, Thermal, Thermal Management, Thermistors, Transformers, Transient Suppression, Vacuum & Pressure, Wi/Fi, Wire & Cable, 

Lines Represented
Abatek is a global leader for Automotive, Medical, Industrial & Communications Industries with roots in silicone rubber keypads, & sub-assemblies. Abatek’s aggressive R&D has developed new surfaces (Polyform), Electrical Contacts (SC Pills), Light Guide Solutions, and other unique haptic solutions (ClickPad).
APCT is the second largest manufacturer of PCBs in North America, offering Design, Fabrication, and Assembly. Technologies include Standard Through-Hole; Advanced HDI; and Flex & Rigid-Flex products. Cycle times are consistently faster than industry standards. Certifications support both commercial & military work. All factories manufacture prototype to mid-production orders and production solutions are offered by our offshore partnerships.
Complete line of Switches including Toggle, Rocker, Pushbutton, Slide, DIP, Rotary, Detect, Thumbwheel, Key, Tact and Navigation.
AC-DC Power Supplies including Open Frame, Encosed, Din Rail, Configurable, PCB Mount and Power Modules. DC-DC Power including PCB Mount, Power Modules, and PoL. EMI Filters: Single-Phase, Three-Phase, and DC Input
Optoelectronic Components including Circuit Board Indicators, Surface Mount LED Indicators, High Brightness LEDs, Optical Light Pipes, External Transportation Lights, Panel Mount Indicators, Based LED Bulbs.
Connectors: Military and Industrial Circular & Rectangular Solutions, D-Subs, Filtered, Hermetic, Rack & Panel, RF/Coaxial, Fiber Optic, Mobile Communications.
Laird enables and protects the sensitive electronic components that power the world’s most sophisticated devices and machines. We partner with leading technology brands to deliver custom-engineered thermal interface materials, microwave absorbers, precision metals, EMC components, and EMI suppression solutions.
Circuit protection components backed by global application expertise: Fuses, PTCs, Varistors, Gas Discharge Tubes (GDTs), SIDACtor® devices, Silicon Protection Array (SPA) devices, Thyristors, TVS Diodes, PulseGuard® ESD Suppressors, PLED LED array protectors, Lighting Surge Protection Modules, Reed Switches, Reed Sensors, Reed Relays, Gate Drivers, Power MOSFETs & IGBTs.
Electrolytic, Polymer, Film, Hybrid, & SP-Capacitors, Resistors, Light-touch Switches, Fine-pitch Connectors, & Encoders. RF modules for Bluetooth, SNAP, ISM, & Wi-Fi. Relays: Signal, High- Frequency, Power, Automotive, Solid State, & PhotoMOS. Passive IR Motion Sensors.
Sensirion is the leading manufacturer of high-quality sensors and sensor solutions for the measurement and control of humidity, and of gas and liquid flows. Sensors: Humidity, Temperature, Gas, PM2.5, CO2, Liquid Flow Meters, Mass Flow Meters and Controllers, Gas Meter Modules, and Differential Pressure Sensors.
Switchcraft is a leading U.S. manufacturer of connectors, jacks, plugs, molded cable assemblies, and switches. We specialize in quick-turn, custom-engineered connectors and cable assemblies for audio and harsh environment applications.
From custom antenna design, off-the-shelf antenna selection, optimization, and precertification, along with an expanding portfolio of LAN transformers, RJ45 ICMs, and BMS transformers, Taoglas’ RF and wireless product offering unlocks new opportunities for bestin- class advanced component integration in IoT designs
Tianma designs and manufactures advanced technologies in the SLT-LCD, LTPS TFT-LCD, AMOLED, In-cell/On-cell integrated touch technology, Flexible displays, Force Touch TED Plus, fingerprint recognition under/on-screen and Mini/Micro LED segments.

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