Anaheim Electronics & Manufacturing Show

Exposition & Seminar Program

November 16th, 2022 - Wed, 10 AM - 5 PM  
November 17th, 2022 - Thurs, 10 AM - 3 PM

Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA

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Ectron is leading the field in Industrial IoT (IIoT) by providing First Mile Solutions to the Cloud using Ectron's proprietary Edge Computers with AI/ML capability, including solutions covering the entire manufacturing value chain from first sensor touchpoints to the Cloud. Ectron also has decades of experience in ruggedized, reliable metrology instrumentation designed to provide highly accurate data, even in harsh environmental conditions. Ectron's SmartEYE™ is an IIoT-based factory 4.0 Paas (Platform as a Service) that provides a 360-degree view of operations including machines, personnel, processes and energy use. SmartEYE™ can be deployed for one or more machines, manufacturing lines, cells or the entire plant. In other words, it can be scaled up or down to match client requirements and budget. With SmartEYE™, you get data and analytics on-the-edge, so you can monitor up to several hundred data points in real-time, allowing you to make accurate and precise decisions that facilitate OPEX reduction, product improvement and revenue growth. You tell us what problem you are trying to solve, what data you need to solve it and we can create a custom SmartEYE™ solution. We even have a no-upfront fee subscription contract option. Ectron also offers industrial-grade Edge, Gateway, HMI and Server-Class computers, as well as engine monitors certified for explosive environments and the most accurate thermocouple-simulator calibrator on the market.

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