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Our solutions-oriented approach and broad capabilities portfolio enables us to collaborate with your team, at any stage, to meet your project’s critical goals. Providing assembly supplies and equipment such as soldering materials, UV curable adhesives and equipment, electronic coatings, static contamination control, precision cutting tools, inspection & measurement systems as well as cleaning solvents. Our solutions are truly end-to-end! With over 30 years of experience, we are committed to providing the highest level of client experience and technical support.

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Adhesives, Antistatic, Assemblies, Assembly, Automation, Bags, Bonding, Boxes, Brazing, Cameras, Carts, Chemicals, Clean Room, Cleaning, Coatings, Curing, Cutting, Dispensing, ESD, Fume Extractors, Inspection, Instruments, Lab, Labels, Lead Free, Material Handling, Medical, Packaging, PC Boards, Pick & Place, Printers, Quality Control, Rework And Repair, Shielding, SMT, Soldering Materials, Static Control, Surface Mount, Tools, Vision, Work Benches, 

Lines Represented
Advanced Package, BGA and SMD Rework Systems. Automated Contactless Cleaning System for BGA and SMD component footprints. Reballing kits.
High purity solvents, chemicals and engineered cleaners for telecommunications, electronics, medical and all critical environment markets. Products include Hi-purity and ESD cleanroom swabs and wipes, swelling agents and Precision cleaning solvents for medical device and electronics assembly.
Static control products, including personal & workstation grounding, ESD table top and floor matting, continuous monitors, bench top & overhead ionization, floor finishes & ESD flooring, tape & signage.
Dymax, is a leading manufacturer of advanced light - curable adhesives, coatings, oligomers, light - curing equipment, and fluid dispensing systems that work together to optimize assembly processes for medical devices.
Our sub-contracting services identify and deploy a solution for your technical electronic coating applications while overcoming challenges with quality, delivery and cost in mind. Our technical team can provide consultation, reviewing the differing technologies that include both core & value added services, supporting your application from concept to delivery.
Solder Paste for no-clean, water wash, tin lead & lead free. Solder Wire, Preforms & Ribbons, Solder Bar & a variety of Fluxes for wave and rework applications. Thermal management solutions.
Precision tweezers, cutters, pliers, lead forming and specialty tools ranging from ultra to general precision for all applications including hardwire cutters for medical applications. ESD protective bottles, stainless steel pumps, solder rework and repair materials including desoldering braid, solder tip cleaners, solder sponges and brass pads.
Fixed and adjustable temperature Soldering and De-soldering Systems for advanced electronic manufacturing. Fume Extractors for a better work environment. Versatile Convection and Rework Systems.
Ergonomic workstations. Basic Bolt & Nut design allowing for easy assembly & configuration. Easy-Lift electric & manual options. All metal workstation components are constructed of 11 -16 gauge steel.
ESD packaging, handling & shipping products, including in-plant handlers, storage containers, bin boxes. Plastek containers & Thermoformed kitting trays, conductive & dissipative foams, ESD tape, bags & tool carriers.
Precision dispensing, coating & custom automation systems. Products include fluid dispensing, optical bonding, curing, handling & inspection, meter mixing & micro dispensing.
Optical Inspecion systems with Micro-focus and high resolution. Microscopes with accessories and add-on tools. Trinocular and Stereo Zoom binocular microscopes with video for micro and macro digital inspection and measurement.
Offering a complete product line of Static Neutralizing Systems, Ionizing Bench Tops and Overhead Blowers, Electrostatic Charging Equipment, Clean Room Systems and Static Control Measuring devices used during the assembly processes.
Electronic solvents, flux removers, conformal coatings, water-based inline/batch cleaners & vapor degreasers. Temporary solder mask & ESD products. Freeze spays, solder wick, rework & repair pens. Wipes, swabs & brushes.
Assembly equipment includes the YSP screen printer with fully automated stencil changeover, the YRM20 high-speed mounter with single high-speed rotary head and advanced motion control, and the YRi-V 3D AOI with enhanced optics and auto program generation. Connected together in the unique 1 STOP SMART SOLUTION that shares real-time process and diagnostic data for maximum productivity. *Stencil Cleaners *Screen Printers *Pick & Place *Routers *AOI